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The Egyptian Science Magazine (ESM), is a newborn, peer-reviewed, open-access magazine, that focuses on good science in all disciplines. It publishes research articles, commentaries, case reports, plus reviews. The editorial office welcomes submissions from any source in all fields of science under the above topics. 

Our goal is to provide a model and media for science that guide and help investigators to publish their valuable findings of research in a proper way and time. It is also our goal to have this magazine extend well beyond us. Top scientists back ESM from Egypt and abroad. It will be available very soon on the Internet besides its print copies. In the meantime, steps are taken to have the magazine indexed and abstracted in chemical abstracts, biological abstracts, and current contents.

We do not levy page charges, a policy of our society as a non-profit organization, but we are obliged to charge some money for handling and processing papers to meet the ever-growing increase in the costs required to produce the magazine. Of course, we do not claim that this is the best way, but nothing is perfect, and you, dear reader, can contribute towards improving our magazine by providing us with comments and suggestions

Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, December 2024 

Study of the Foreign Demand for the Egyptian Frozen Vegetables

Pages 25-34

Shaima Magdi Mostafa Muhamed; Mohamed Hamdy Salem; Atef Abdel Azim Gouda; Ibrahim Mohamed Hassan; Ibrahim Ali Mohamad Abdel Fattah

Malignant Diseases and Pesticide Exposure

Pages 35-41

Saadoon, S.M.; Jabbar, Ahmed Shamkhi; Qasim H.A. Aljboori; Selim Sh

Human Rights, the Effective Role of Civil Society Institutions, and Egypt's Future Vision 2030

Pages 21-43

Khaled Hassan Mamdouh Ali; Ahmed Salmi Arnaout; Ahmed Talha Hussein Jadallah

Estimating the Size of the Optimal Production of Cucumber Crops in Protected Crops

Pages 69-83

Ashraf S. G. Ibrahim; Ayman F. Abu Hadid; Thanaa E. A. Seleem; Eman F. Youssef

Consumer Protection Mechanisms and its Relationship with Family Purchasing Decisions

Pages 85-113

Amr Mohammed Abdullah Rady; Nagwa Sayed Abdel Gawad; Hany Jaber Al Masry

An Economic Study of the Impact of Climate Change on the Productivity of Wheat and Maize Crops in Some Desert Governorates of Egypt

Pages 147-164

أحمد إبراهيم عبد القادر أبو المعاطي; ثناء النويي أحمد سليم; اسامه أحمد البحيري; محمد عثمان عبد الفتاح عبد الهادي